Epidosde 2 - Sex Life Vs Love Life by Belinda Elkaim

Watch Episode 2 "Sex Life Vs Love Life" of game show "Let's Talk About Love" by Belinda Elkaim, featuring Michael & Chana Rosenfeld of TRUE Love Academy.

Belinda is also a special guest of this episode where she conveys her truth in utmost honesty. Other special guests on the set are Amanda G - reality TV star of Housewives Of Miami, Johnny O - Miami actor and fitness trainer and Alan S - Miami based model.

Quoting Belinda Elkaim,"Don't ever be confused, just because you have a sex life does not mean that you have a love life (and vice versa.) Just think about it, what do YOU want?"

Watch until the end of the game show for Michael's closing where he gives us the 'million dollar tip' on how to pursue a fulfilling and lasting relationship, the way WE want it.  But first of all, we must know what we want.

[ Filmed by Sunshyne Reels on location at Newport Beachside Hotel ]

Episode 1 - Let's Talk About Love by Belinda Elkaim

Watch Episode 1 of "Let's Talk About Love" the game show featuring Michael & Chana Rosenfeld of "TRUE Love Academy" and you will see that according to one of the female contestants, 'sex implies exclusivity' while according to one of the male contestants, 'exclusivity has nothing to do with sex but is rather a seasoning of time.' 

Well, besides the obvious differences between the genders, how else are we different? How can we find a happy medium?

Follow the series and you will discover how simple it is to attract love - the way YOU want it :-)

[ Episode 1 ]

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